The Business

FIELD OPS™ draws its roots directly from our very first Veteran-only franchise brand, G-FORCE Parking Lot Striping.

When we launched G-FORCE™, we listed Athletic Field Markings on our website expecting a few calls here and there.

Little did we realize how much demand there was and how ill-prepared G-FORCE™ was to meet that demand.

While there are many similar skillsets that overlap between parking lot striping and field marking, there are some definite differences and better.-suited machines needed to perform proper field marking. Further, most of our G-FORCE™ owners are too busy keeping up with demand for parking lot striping services to tackle (pun intended) athletic fields.

Voila. FIELD OPS™ was born.

FIELD OPS™ is designed to be a super low-cost Franchise. Starting at 42K buys you everything from Franchise Fee (just $15K), training, vehicle wrap, to our basic equipment package (assuming you have a suitable pickup truck).

Our premium package costs about $27,000 more if you choose to go the way of robot and autonomous technologies.

You’ll be trained on both the “old school” way of marking fields and the next generation of tools (robots) when you attend training, no matter which package you choose.

Ideal Candidate

This business is specifically engineered for those who want to be in business, but can’t afford the hefty price tags of most business and franchise opportunities.

Perhaps you’re retired from the military and looking for your next new venture; not interested in a business that’s all-consuming, but one that you can grow at your own pace and still enjoy your time off.

Maybe you’re a school teacher or firefighter looking to augment your salary. Perhaps you own a landscaping company and want to find a way to get your foot in the door to manage athletic field maintenance.

This may be the coolest side gig ever – making athletic fields look like professional fields for kids and athletes in your community.

Let’s find out if FIELD OPS™ might be right for you…and if you’re a good fit for us. Please fill out the Request for Franchise Information Form to learn more about FIELD OPS™ and our other Veteran Service Brands – G-FORCE™, MACH ONE™ and PAINT CORPS™.


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There are a number of Funding Options available – some especially designed for Veterans.

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