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Multi-Sport Court Striping: Basketball and Pickleball

Bring your playground to life with pavement marking services from FIELD OPS! Our Veteran-only franchise specializes in painting interactive games, educational markings, and sports activities on pavement for grade schools, daycare centers, city parks, and churches. Not only are our line markings long-lasting, but they are also an affordable way to add fun, fitness, and educational opportunities to your students’ school days.

Types of School Playground Markings

When FIELD OPS™ visits a paved play area without markings, we see a blank canvas that can be chock full of amusement and learning opportunities for kids! Explore what we can do to enhance your school yard’s playground.

Playground Game Markings

With our colorful playground markings, we provide hours of entertainment and excitement at recess. Some of the most popular playground games that we paint for clients include:

  • Hopscotch
  • Long jump
  • Four square
  • Mazes
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Life-sized game boards like snakes and ladders, checkers, twister, and chess
  • Basketball court markings

All of these games provide students with a unique opportunity to socialize, develop, and be active during recess.

Educational Playground Designs for Schools

At FIELD OPS™, we believe that the playground can be an extension of the classroom. That’s why we help schools transform their pavement into outdoor learning environments. Some of the most popular educational playground markings we can create include:

  • Maps of the United States or world for geography classes
  • Safety signs and road markings for safety classes
  • Addition and multiplication tables for math classes
  • Alphabet and numbers for elementary students

Your students and teachers will thank you for the opportunity to get outside and learn!

In addition to games and activities, we can also paint custom logos on your playground’s pavement. Show off your school pride with a vibrant painting of your school logo or mascot for all to enjoy!

Ready to turn your facility into the best playground in town? Request a free quote on your playground line painting services today by contacting FIELD OPS™!


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